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We launched Over The Fells in March 2020 after years of being athletes ourselves, working with other athletes and being passionate about the endurance sports scene. We have developed a simple blog for endurance athletes including trail and ultra runners, triathletes, swimmers and mountaineers. The goal is to provide an enjoyable and professional platform where athletes can learn about training, nutrition, safety, race strategies and much more. 

Over The Fells was founded by Precision Hydration Ultrarunner and Endurance Coach Joe Wenman, who wanted to share information to help athletes improve their health, performance and happiness. Over the past year, we have featured elite athletes such as John Kelly, Tish Jones, Ryan Tetz and Damian Hall, and have also worked with professional coaches such as Jon Fearne and our founder, Joe Wenman. 

We have since built up a network of professional athletes and coaches, and want to use this network to help you. We now offer to match you up with a coach, who can help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential. We work with trail and ultrarunning coaches, triathlon coaches and mountaineering coaches so can certainly pair you up with a coach who can help you. 


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Photo of John Kelly by Jack Atkinson

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